MEXICO Dispatch #2 (Christmas)



     Today we sent Estrallita (1200', Grade 5.11a) after setting out at 7:00AM. We got to the base at 8:00AM and were back on the ground by 1:00PM. (Needless to say, we timed this better than our ascent of Dope Ninja earlier in the week). The climb was absolutely beautiful and Josh even freed most of the route with a single fall on the 20', 5.11a section.


We then cleaned up and headed into town for Christmas Eve festivities, watched "It's A Wonderful Life" with our El Buho friends before playing some mean "orange ball," in which guys gather in a circle, throw an orange into the air, and juggle it a certain number of times before it is "catchable," after which you peg the snot out of someone until the fruit finally explodes, splitting its peel.


After passing the time late into the evening, we watched the mad Mexican midnight fiesta that is Christmas Eve, where all sorts of fireworks explode in the distance. Mexico is sound. The firework of choice is the loudest available and the goal of a house PA system seems to be to blast your party tunes so brazenly that the neighborhood knows they're invited over. 

At 3:00AM we hitched back to the Pagoda for some well-needed rest. 



     Today, after three full days of climbing, was a full rest day. We went into Monterrey to see the new Star Wars Movie, barely catching our bus back. Pretty unremarkable really; unless, of course, you consider that we spent our Christmas in the heart of Mexico, watching an American movie, unable to speak the language needed to understand how to get around in said city. 


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