Untitled Poem

Some things are not easily explained, such as this spontaneous dance. It occurred amidst worship of the triune God on a rooftop in Athens. The neighbors certainly noticed. I don't have much more to say than that.



Go on down to the river and bathe
in lavendar and myrrh;
Nothing is too much for the groom who comes.
Prepare yourself with perfume,
With a lovely shroud, and let down your hair
For the one who's long known your locks,
Who walked beside you those youthful nights,
Who laughed in the dark as you whispered
His name; the only word on your lips.
So let down your hair
So long after union, He moves beside you
And cherishes your name,
His bride on the earth. He wed you knowing
The dark ways you'd stumble
Into and knew the bright nights
That would define you, name you His.