West Poetry



For some time i have desired silence. By silence i mean that i would like to spend more time listening than speaking. Ironically, my prayer before i ever wrote a poem (2010) was that i would daily mean more and say less. Poetry as a tool of expression erupted out of that. While this site will remain for at least a year, it is time again for a season of saying less. i'm still breathing, thinking, and occasionally writing but i feel an urgency to listen that seeks to correct my poetic ambitions for now.

My projects are still in development, but no new verse will be published for some time. i may never resume; it may well be that my writing is something i can lay at the feet of my father (as opposed to the internet).

Thank you for seeking my work; i hope it has in some way revealed something honest to you. Feel free to contact me; i still exist and would happily engage any questions about things i'm working on still. For now, i leave you with the quiet. 

Corey McConnellComment