West Poetry


Two Seasons Down! Epic Fully Revised.

The past few months have seen a reprieve from Poetry and an emphasis on Music, but fear not!

I've finished revising my epic poem, Among The Fog, and have currently completed two of the Seasons series. Autumn was sung first, then Summer; I'm in the middle of composing Winter and will soon turn to the first season of the series, Spring. 

Once the Four Seasons are completed, I'll be able to submit the complete manuscript (including Among The Fog) to traditional publishing houses! Stay tuned for updates in the "Published Work" section of the website as I begin to submit pieces to magazines in preparation.  

I've also started some smaller projects, notably a collection of poems on Pornography from a Christian perspective, but am hesitant to promise their publication. The work might have to remain private for now. 

I recently received an Amazon card reader and would like to print some previous poems as chapbooks to be distributed at Readings. If anyone has design experience and would like to be a part of the production, contact me anytime. Or, for that matter, if you'd like to come to said readings, connect with me on Facebook. Stay tuned, dear reader!