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The Seasons of Life Poems (Epic Update)

In preparing a manuscript for publication, I had previously decided to draft a companion piece to my brief epic, Among the Fog. The companion poem was inspired in part by T. S. Eliot's the Four Quartets and in part by Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

The piece is a long narrative poem exploring the four stages of life, represented as the four seasons, and dealing primarily with the question of metaphysics, malaise, and the paradox of wisdom and folly (or the contradiction between real life and the life of the mind.) 

The stories are episodic, loosely following the life of a single man in relation to his family matters and reference Tolstoy's "Family Happiness" as well as several poems by Yeats and Shelley.

It is not my hope that doing so places my verse within the canon of romantic poetry, or even "modernity" for that matter. I hope instead to raise the question of futility (the waste land of T. S. Eliot's thought) and respond subtly with something like what is commonly considered a theme of Tolstoy's work: the happy life of domestic humility. 

I hope this provides something of a teaser for those interested without giving much of the actual work away. As of this post, the third chapter (Autumn) has been completed and I hope to soon write the remaining three parts which I have envisioned and outlined. 

I have taken a step back from the energy of "publishing" the completed epic, Among the Fog, in the hope that adding the Seasons of Life poems to my manuscript will allow for submission to traditional publishing houses. 

I have decided to first attempt to publish through traditional avenues in order to gain insight into the editorial and marketing processes of traditional publishing houses rather than trying to publish the work independently. 

That said, this work deserves publication and I will pursue self-publication if, after a few targeted attempts, the work remains unpublished. 

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