West Poetry


Epic Drafted

Hallelujah! Two years since I began, the vision I had for the text has finally been transmitted onto paper. I was inspired to write the piece one afternoon while sipping coffee and rushed to put the ideas on paper. That first outline held all the ideas and events of the narrative, but it took some time to gather the words necessary to express the images therein. 

I have now completed the manuscript and moving towards revising the text. I hope to spend some time in reflection on the themes and texture of the verse before making a few necessary adjustments, but I imagine the text will be ready for chapbook publication very soon. 

Once the chapbook has been released, a collection of poems including the epic will follow. I've already planned three companion poem and am already composing them. Without revealing too much, allow me to claim that they are my finest work and will loosely engage the topics of metaphysics and revelation.

The collection will be substantially larger than the chapbook edition (80-100pgs compared to 30pgs) and will probably be released as a premium ebook with sound recordings, illustrations, and annotations. It will also be released as a limited edition print run, including exclusive prints by local artists. Subscribe to the mailing list to follow along with the progress. 

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