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DUST Revised

For those of you just now hearing of my upcoming epic, Among The Fog, the narrative is broken into four parts: DUST, ASH, SAND, and GLASS. It is with great excitement that I announce I have finished personal revision of DUST and am moving forward with the editing process!

The first part took less than a week to revise and the next three parts will probably take a similar length of time to complete. It's worth noting that I am in correspondence with reviewers, but am editing the work entirely on my own, at my own creative discretion. I am not paying for the services of a professional editor, as I feel this would taint the character of such a poetic work. 

I am, however, open to criticism and it is possible that further revisions might be necessary later in the process if a reviewer provides a profound criticism of the state of the work that I can address through revision. 

Stay tuned to my progress by subscribing to the newsletter. It's only a matter of time before publication. 

Corey McConnellComment