For some time i have desired silence. By silence i mean that i would like to spend more time listening than speaking. Ironically, my prayer before i ever wrote a poem (2010) was that i would daily mean more and say less. Poetry as a tool of expression erupted out of that. While this site will remain for at least a year, it is time again for a season of saying less. i'm still breathing, thinking, and occasionally writing but i feel an urgency to listen that seeks to correct my poetic ambitions for now.

My projects are still in development, but no new verse will be published for some time. i may never resume; it may well be that my writing is something i can lay at the feet of my father (as opposed to the internet).

Thank you for seeking my work; i hope it has in some way revealed something honest to you. Feel free to contact me; i still exist and would happily engage any questions about things i'm working on still. For now, i leave you with the quiet. 

Season's Song / The Cowtown Oracle Complete

A few months back, I drafted the final season of my quartet, Season's Song. Almost simultaneously, I rioted out an inspired piece based upon my family drama; told in three parts and three voices, the song includes my grandfather's perspectives on life, his wife, her death, and the marriage of his daughter (my mother.) It also includes a second part in my own voice, describing scenes from childhood in relation to my heritage. The third voice is more elusive; the voice of an oracle. 


The Cowtown Oracle is something of an address towards the community I grew up in: politically conservative, professing a relationship with Christ, rich and white, but with problems of its own. The aesthetic longing of my peers was for a rugged individualism, an "everything I am I earned" mindset reminiscent of the common ranch laborer, yet disassociated from the labor of a true working class. In many ways my off-color grandfather represents much of the Texan identity, but (sparing any spoilers) the drama that played out upon my early life made me resent much of what my community endeared.  


The song is therefore a challenge in many ways for its audience; asking urban Texans, specifically from Cowtown, to consider the heart of their aesthetic ideals in light of the impact their identity might have on the "other." As most poets, I am an insider outsider among my own people and am agitated by the language that is surfacing amidst current political and religious discource. 


That said, I am not a pluralist and do respect much of the real, country identity that is deep in the small town history of our lands. If, however, you identify as such while living in a metropolex with the millions (as most Texans do,) I ask you to really consider your identity in context of our time. I hope I'm raising the question of "what does it mean to be a white, fifth or sixth generation Texan and what aspects of that heritage should be soundly rejected?"


So what does this mean for my work? I have so far completed three long narrative poems (Among the Fog, Season's Song, and The Cowtown Oracle) along with two unpublished collections of poems (Sinister Man and Fire-Tongue). This does not account for numerous destroyed poems of dubious worth and certain heresy or the poems readily available on my blog. Moving forward, I am ready to begin a decade-long work I have envisioned (a Tragedy) with several projects concurrent, including a complete translation of the Psalms. I may or may not print my work for sale or as gifts in the future (subscribe to hear about any releases.) Similarly, right now recieving publication in the poetry industry catalogues is something I couldn't care less about and so I am not submitting my work for publication regularly. I hope you understand that I am very much still a private poet; one who would appreciate your conversation if my work intrigues you. Don't be a stranger. Ask and you shall recieve. 




Two Seasons Down! Epic Fully Revised.

The past few months have seen a reprieve from Poetry and an emphasis on Music, but fear not!

I've finished revising my epic poem, Among The Fog, and have currently completed two of the Seasons series. Autumn was sung first, then Summer; I'm in the middle of composing Winter and will soon turn to the first season of the series, Spring. 

Once the Four Seasons are completed, I'll be able to submit the complete manuscript (including Among The Fog) to traditional publishing houses! Stay tuned for updates in the "Published Work" section of the website as I begin to submit pieces to magazines in preparation.  

I've also started some smaller projects, notably a collection of poems on Pornography from a Christian perspective, but am hesitant to promise their publication. The work might have to remain private for now. 

I recently received an Amazon card reader and would like to print some previous poems as chapbooks to be distributed at Readings. If anyone has design experience and would like to be a part of the production, contact me anytime. Or, for that matter, if you'd like to come to said readings, connect with me on Facebook. Stay tuned, dear reader! 



The Seasons of Life Poems (Epic Update)

In preparing a manuscript for publication, I had previously decided to draft a companion piece to my brief epic, Among the Fog. The companion poem was inspired in part by T. S. Eliot's the Four Quartets and in part by Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

The piece is a long narrative poem exploring the four stages of life, represented as the four seasons, and dealing primarily with the question of metaphysics, malaise, and the paradox of wisdom and folly (or the contradiction between real life and the life of the mind.) 

The stories are episodic, loosely following the life of a single man in relation to his family matters and reference Tolstoy's "Family Happiness" as well as several poems by Yeats and Shelley.

It is not my hope that doing so places my verse within the canon of romantic poetry, or even "modernity" for that matter. I hope instead to raise the question of futility (the waste land of T. S. Eliot's thought) and respond subtly with something like what is commonly considered a theme of Tolstoy's work: the happy life of domestic humility. 

I hope this provides something of a teaser for those interested without giving much of the actual work away. As of this post, the third chapter (Autumn) has been completed and I hope to soon write the remaining three parts which I have envisioned and outlined. 

I have taken a step back from the energy of "publishing" the completed epic, Among the Fog, in the hope that adding the Seasons of Life poems to my manuscript will allow for submission to traditional publishing houses. 

I have decided to first attempt to publish through traditional avenues in order to gain insight into the editorial and marketing processes of traditional publishing houses rather than trying to publish the work independently. 

That said, this work deserves publication and I will pursue self-publication if, after a few targeted attempts, the work remains unpublished. 

DUST Revised

For those of you just now hearing of my upcoming epic, Among The Fog, the narrative is broken into four parts: DUST, ASH, SAND, and GLASS. It is with great excitement that I announce I have finished personal revision of DUST and am moving forward with the editing process!

The first part took less than a week to revise and the next three parts will probably take a similar length of time to complete. It's worth noting that I am in correspondence with reviewers, but am editing the work entirely on my own, at my own creative discretion. I am not paying for the services of a professional editor, as I feel this would taint the character of such a poetic work. 

I am, however, open to criticism and it is possible that further revisions might be necessary later in the process if a reviewer provides a profound criticism of the state of the work that I can address through revision. 

Stay tuned to my progress by subscribing to the newsletter. It's only a matter of time before publication. 

Epic Drafted

Hallelujah! Two years since I began, the vision I had for the text has finally been transmitted onto paper. I was inspired to write the piece one afternoon while sipping coffee and rushed to put the ideas on paper. That first outline held all the ideas and events of the narrative, but it took some time to gather the words necessary to express the images therein. 

I have now completed the manuscript and moving towards revising the text. I hope to spend some time in reflection on the themes and texture of the verse before making a few necessary adjustments, but I imagine the text will be ready for chapbook publication very soon. 

Once the chapbook has been released, a collection of poems including the epic will follow. I've already planned three companion poem and am already composing them. Without revealing too much, allow me to claim that they are my finest work and will loosely engage the topics of metaphysics and revelation.

The collection will be substantially larger than the chapbook edition (80-100pgs compared to 30pgs) and will probably be released as a premium ebook with sound recordings, illustrations, and annotations. It will also be released as a limited edition print run, including exclusive prints by local artists. Subscribe to the mailing list to follow along with the progress.