And Yet

And I stand, feet ready, on rail of boat,
On edge of roof, on toddlered limbs
To wonder: dare I wander through?
Place step into void untested yet
Or yet dare not and never step
Into firmament unfelt or wandered.
What use is man or poet to ponderers
Who’s never leapt beyond? What wisdom
Or folly may I yet bear back having not?
No, rather, I cannot but venture
Even if, as Dante did, I wander in
Scenes best unseen, like Milton in
Heresy and Aryan seem or worse, like
Blake into furthest field of insanity seemed.
To have seen is to seem insane whether
Having seen Angels in truth or not.
Yet to dream, I must, and I stand
Knowing, though fearing, I will yet on.


Concerning what is to come. 

Corey McConnell

West Poetry, 6917 Aspen Wood Trail, Fort Worth, TX, 76132

I grew up in Fort Worth, TX attending Covenant Classical School. I was an academic early and went on to study Great Texts of the Western Tradition at Baylor University. It was in the midst of this course of study that I began writing poems and stories and music. As a voracious reader, I was eager to contribute something of my own to the world of letters. Professionally, I work in the Specialty Coffee Industry, while pursuing literature in my free time. My upcoming works include an epic poem title Among the Fog, a series of sonnets titled Season's Song, a free-verse narrative trilogy titled The Cowtown Oracle. I am concurrently at work translating the Psalter into plainsong English with a team of scholars and linguists seeking to capture the Hebrew Poetics (according to contemporary criticism) within English verse.