Hidden, I Look

As I was found beneath the blazing oak,
Held near against my will. I there awoke,
To find no shelter from its awful gaze,
Struck blind, I wizen as my strength decays.

And there I saw some form within the smoke,
Take shape before my mortal eyes and fear,
My voice was stolen, as I wept and choked
Tears burning filled my eyes with visions clear. 


The Author's first poem.

Corey McConnell

West Poetry, 6917 Aspen Wood Trail, Fort Worth, TX, 76132

I grew up in Fort Worth, TX attending Covenant Classical School. I was an academic early and went on to study Great Texts of the Western Tradition at Baylor University. It was in the midst of this course of study that I began writing poems and stories and music. As a voracious reader, I was eager to contribute something of my own to the world of letters. Professionally, I work in the Specialty Coffee Industry, while pursuing literature in my free time. My upcoming works include an epic poem title Among the Fog, a series of sonnets titled Season's Song, a free-verse narrative trilogy titled The Cowtown Oracle. I am concurrently at work translating the Psalter into plainsong English with a team of scholars and linguists seeking to capture the Hebrew Poetics (according to contemporary criticism) within English verse.