A Tall Tale of Hunger

Fear is a four letter word of mixed proportions,Inevitably, they say, love is a verb and an action, But I think it's a force. And I'm a puddle of water, Bent out of shape and puddled; disaster.

Have you ever walked by a man's shadow? Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, The way she moves. Her glow, how sinister The way his shadow grows behind me.

Whether each has a type I wonder. Every candle is in need of air, they say, I could draw you the type that grounds my thunder. Ice and a torch. Ice and a torch.

Tsundere, they say. On the inside, outside I feel like a stonefruit; are you a melon, my love? We're just a basket of fruit. I swear I'm naturally sweet, But there's a pit here inside and you have a thorny hide.