Poetry can overwhelm thee,I had to narrow my mind, Focus on a module of dust, Because when I thought of the context, My mind was flooded-blanketed-ungaurded from the vision.

I saw a module of dust, In an ocean of sand, Beat from a cliff of granite, Beat by a raging river, Blanketed by snow-smothering-that fell from the heavens.

Those that hold the world within, Those that hold the heavens apart, And as I saw a nodule of dust, I thought somehow of the stars, Burning through their compounds-lonely-and the mystery of spaces between.

I thought of how the planets orbit, Around the sun, Within a galaxy, Around its epicenter, Around a spiraling-wondrous-cluster of galaxies swirling.

And then I thought of a nodule of dust, Thinking of a nodule, From dust to dust. But the world keeps on spinning. And I bend over-inspecting-a nodule in this.

I looked at the dust.

But for my sanity, I narrowed my mind.