I fell in love with a ghost,
I came across her on the web,
As the girl across the room;
She was out of reach and out of touch.

Yet still I knew the want to know,
So clearly fast in her portrait,
A portrait formed through internet,
Tumblr facebook framed she waits.

Favorites all align like moonlight
flavored time divided halts,
My songs and likes and interests,
Bundled in her soft profile.

What a novel formed delight,
To fall in love with humming light,
Words and bytes upon a web,
Painting personality.

Problems of the flesh all disappear,
I dream of Girl never known,
Never seen never touched,
Never hearing whispers dear.

I love the ghost she lives
out through reflected wiles,
A medium social facade,
Nothing really real but still.

I love her without knowing her.

The fault evident in such vice,
Yet who's to blame?
The web or mind and fantasy,
Carefully contort her cyber smiles.